Technical Committee

TopicTopic NameTopic Chair
 Technical Committee Co-Chairs

Danial Chitnis,

Erika Covi

Réjean Fontaine

1Analog/mixed-signal circuits

Manuel Barragan
Hervé Barthelemy

Gordon Roberts

Manju Kareppagoudr

2Biomedical circuits and systems

Richard George

Gosselin Benoit

3Digital circuits and systems

Yves Blaquière

Yvon Savaria

Dominique Dallet

4Communications circuits and systems

Frederic Nabki

Sébastien Roy

5RF & microwave circuits

Christophe Viallon

Leonid Belostotski

6Photonic integrated circuits 
7CAD and design toolsMarie-Minerve Louerat
8Test and verificationOtmane Ait Mohamed
9Energy harvesting and power managementSebastian Magierowski
10Low-power low-voltage designsAlexandre Robichaud
11Microsystems and Embedded systemsTétrault Marc-André
12Circuits and systems for AI algorithmsAudrey Corbeil Therrien
13Neural networks and neuromorphic circuits

Nicoletta Risi

Federico Corradi

14Sensory circuits and systemsElisabetta Moisello
15Imaging and image sensorsTakashi Tokuda
16Emerging technologies and technology trends

Guillaume Prenat

Jens Trommer

17Special Sessions 
17.1In-Memory/Near-Memory ComputingFarhad  Merchant
17.2Emerging Tech and SecurityFarhad  Merchant
17.3Emerging Technologies for Carbon Neutral Computations in xGRenyuan Zhang
17.4Emerging technologies for implantable healthcare devices

Finlay Walton

Rupam Das