Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunities

The IEEE NEWCAS – Interregional Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems deals with all the aspects of interactions among the worlds of the instrumentation and measurement, bio-engineering, material science, chemical and biological measurements, and the medical field. The symposium enables researchers, medical doctors and technicians to exchange ideas and information, make connections and collaborations and update innovation on healthcare systems and diagnostics in medicine.

The 21st IEEE Interregional NEWCAS Conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 26 – 28, 2023. The program of the conference will be tailored to reflect the wide spectrum of topics and research interest shared among the organizing entities. This collaboration will be oriented towards advanced research in adaptive systems which constitutes the highlights of the NEWCAS conference, but also areas related to analog and digital signal processing, low power consumption, circuits and systems designs.

This event is the premier opportunity for companies to reach the global thought leaders in instrumentation and measurement - to market products and services to engineers developing instrumentation and control systems and academic researchers developing the next generation of sensors, measurement techniques, and standards.

NEWCAS 2023 will offer a prominent exhibition area closely integrated with all of the social and technical conference activities including coffee breaks, poster sessions, special sessions on industry papers, and tutorial sessions. Your exhibition stand will be visible and central to all attendee throughout the conference.

In addition to the opportunity to exhibit, several Promotional Items allow companies to demonstrate their technical leadership and support of the Conference. Please have a look at the following table with fees and benefits for Sponsors. For further information or to apply please email Jenna Yockim (jyockim@conferencecatalysts.com).

*Exhibit spaces will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, with early registrations located close to the locations of poster sessions and lecture halls.